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What also might interest you about our tours – some more explanations

1. How about transfers from the airport for the Self-Guided or Guided Group tours ?

Our travel agency wants to take care of its clients from the very moment they arrive to their destination till their departure from the destination. This means that both the transfer from the airport to the hotel in Prague and the transfer from the hotel in their destination (Vienna, Budapest, etc.) to the airport are included.
For Self-Guided tours transfers are included in the price of the tour. For Guided tours transfers are subject to a surcharge starting this year.2016. We guarantee airport transfers for all clients even if they do not use the same flight connections. E.g. for a group of 10 people who order a Guided tour from Prague to Budapest and later each of them travels alone we will arrange 10 transfers. The only condition is that precise flight details have been sent to the travel agency at least 3 weeks before starting the bike tour.

2. How many GPS units are there for each bike tour ?

We provide all our clients with mapping GPS not the cheap compass-equipped GPS. For this reason we provide only one GPS unit for a Self Guided tour (for each couple, foursome, etc.). In case of a Guided tour only our guide has a GPS unit and the clients follow his/her instructions. In addition we provide each Self-Guided tour and Guided tour always with one package of complete detailed maps.

3. How precise GPS units are ? Do they guide us accurately along the programmed route ?

Our GPS units are mapping GPS and therefore each GPS unit has a programmed route exactly as it is drawn in maps provided together with this GPS unit. Nevertheless the GPS is a machine and therefore its function is not always 100% reliable. Sometimes GPS by itself may calculate a route that differs from the programmed one. It is the same as in case of car navigations that from time to time may prepare us some surprise. GPS unit is also very useful in towns where it takes us precisely to the doors of our destination hotel. For this reason it is necessary to have in mind these differences and because of it we recommend to use GPS unit and maps together on all routes.

4. What kind of bicycle paths are on our routes ? And what is the meaning of the words „bicycle paths“ ?

Both in the Czech Republic and in the whole Europe the term „bicycle paths“ does not mean paths intended only for bikers. Mostly second and third-class roads (with low traffic) are marked as „bicycle paths“. Nevertheless in some places also first-class roads (with heavy traffic) are marked as „bicycle paths“. However this is exceptional and it may happen on those places where it is necessary and no other solution is possible. Naturally, in the high season we have to expect increased traffic even on second and third-class roads. In some places however forest or field paths are marked as bicycle paths and it is necessary to ride on them.
The overwhelming majority of our CZ EuroTour routes (and it is not possible otherwise) leads along bicycle paths marked this way. We will find „bicycle paths only for bikers“ free of any other traffic between Hluboká and České Budějovice and also along the Danube (they lead along a highway or a road).

5. What can you expect from a Guided tour ? Is it possible to order an independent GPS and leave the group ?

We have to expect that the whole Guided tour will be lead by our cycling guide. Therefore it is important that all members of the group adapt to the pace of the group, generally to the slowest ones. If anybody leaves the group there is a danger that he/she may get lost on the way and then delay the whole group. Nevertheless if somebody from the group would like to leave and ride at his own pace, the guide may lend him maps. It is not possible to order an additional GPS unit. Other solution may be to bring one´s own GPS.

6. How rugged are bicycle paths ?

Both the Czech Republic and other European states are small and it is also reflected in the jaggedness of bicycle paths. We have to expect that we will ride along routes where it is necessary to be very cautious and attentive. On routes there are after a few kilometers frequent turnings, crossings, on some places there are also exits from roads to field or forest paths, etc. Being a little bit less attentive means a risk of deviating from the route and extending the ride by many more kilometers. Therefore we cannot expect riding many kilometers along straight routes similar to highways where we do not have to pay attention to the route. All this is like our small adventure.

7. What are the offered bicycles like ?

Our bicycles are light and well adapted for riding on most of our routes. They have 27 gears, adjustable height and a possibility of a saddle adjustment and from this year 2016 each bicycle has also adjustable handlebars. As our bicycles are light they may often encourage to fast riding. Therefore it is necessary to be very cautious when riding, as well as in case of occasional riding on field or forest paths. Clients may bring their own saddle or their own pedals and as the case may be their own bicycle.

8. What is included in the price of the hotel ?

The price of accommodation always includes the room with private bathroom of the ordered category, breakfast, VAT, bike storage and in most cases also local charges. However hotels sometimes collect local charges independently and the client has to pay them directly on site upon arrival to the hotel. The price is usually around € 0,5 - 1.5 per person and night. In more expensive locations, as for example in the Alp region or in Italy, these charges are slightly higher.

9. What are the "local charges" ?

Legally the local charges are fees that may (however does not have to) be established by relevant municipalities or towns and they represent a revenue for the budget of mentioned municipalities and towns. Therefore they are not an income of the hotel. Nevertheless these charges are collected by hotels that may include them directly into the accommodation price or they may collect them independently on site from every tourist accommodated in the hotel.

10. The transfer of luggage is included in the price. Is the transferred luggage transported directly from the hotel to the following hotel ?

Yes, of course, it is.

11. How many pieces of transferred luggage are included in the price of the tour ?

Our travel agency guarantees the transfer of all pieces of luggage regardless their number. Nevertheless we recommend 1 - 2 pieces of luggage per person.

Please fell free to contact us with your another questions...

We are looking forward to welcome you in the Czech Republic and the Europe

       Jaromir Siblik - Owner

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