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Guided bike tour / Self-guided bike tour

14 days / 13 nights in 3*, 4*, 5* hotels or pensions

12 days cycling - 577 km / 359 miles cycling

Routes :
marked cycle path
90% cycle routes with low motor traffic
90% blacktop cycle path

Self-guided bike tours start
daily from April 24 to September 11, 2023

(different departure dates on request)

Guided bike tour start
from April 24 to September 11, 2023 - on a special request only

Trip Begins / Ends :
Prague airport / Munich airport

Prague-Munchen bike tour

Bike tour Description:

This unique CZ EuroTour cycle tour has been prepared particularly for American, Canadian, Australian and other overseas clients. Its romantic routes are designed to enable visiting and discovering the most beautiful landmarks of UNESCO heritage and the most beautiful places along the entire route. The tour leads through 3 countries of Middle Europe - the Czech Republic, Austria and Germany. We will visit 2 most renowned UNESCO landmarks, various urban listed preserves and southern part of the Czech Republic, that takes pride in its beautiful landscape, castles and chateaux and is considered to be the cleanest area in Czechia. Further on our tour leads through the southern part of Germany - Lower Bavaria along the Danube and Isar rivers with the capital Landshut and finishes in Munich – the capital of entire Bavaria.
The program of this tour includes 14 days & 12 days cycling without any Car / VAN transfers. The tour can be supplemented with extra nights to give everybody enough time for landmarks, relax, and entertainment. At your request the tour can also be shortened or transfers in a Car / VAN can replace some parts of the tour. Self-guided bike tours or guided bike tours are available.

Bike touring Daily program:

Day 1   Prague arrival day
Prague This day begins with a welcome at the airport, then transfer to hotel and accommodation. This day we will devote to discovering the magic places of Prague. We recommend visiting of the UNESCO historical centre of the city and following that we will prepare a welcome dinner in a restaurant.

Day 2   Prague - Karlštejn - Dobříš : cycling 66 km / 41 miles  (terrain elevation)+(terrain elevation)
Our first cycle tour leads from our Prague hotel to the famous castle Karlstejn. After an optional visit of Karlstejn, another part of our first cycle tour to a city of Dobris is awaiting us. The city, which in the 10th century led "Golden Path" from Prague to Bavaria. Once we have put us up, we can set out on a visit of the beautiful chateaux with a large French garden.

Day 3   Dobříš - Zvíkovské Podhradí : cycling 67 km / 42 miles  (terrain elevation)
Dobříš chateaux From Dobris, we will go to Orlik dam in the morning - one of the dams of a Vltava-river cascade system, which also protects Prague against floods. The dam is 33km / 22 miles long and we will go alongside it to reach 500m long Zdakovsky bridge, which with its one span is one of the biggest bridges in the world. We can also visit a romantic water castle Orlik here. In the afternoon, we will leave for Zvikovske Podhradi & a Zvikov castle at a junction of the river Vltava and the river Otava. We will be accommodated there. Optional visit of Zvikov castle is recommended.

Day 4   Zvíkovské Podhradí - Písek : cycling 29 km / 18 miles  (terrain elevation)
Today we will ride from Zvikov through the romantic landscape and forests into a smaller town Pisek. Pisek City was founded on the banks of the river Otava Czech kings in the 13th century. From this period also comes his biggest sight - the oldest stone bridge in the Czech Republic, which is older than the Charles Bridge in Prague. Thanks to the gold-gold mining Otava Pisek is soon became an important commercial center. This romantic city, still called the city students, after 1989 blossomed into Zdakov bridge beauty. Houses, parks and monuments are all newly revised and creates an unforgettable atmosphere for tourists, well-being and relaxation.

Day 5   Písek - Hluboká - České Budějovice : cycling 55 km / 34 miles  (terrain elevation) + (terrain elevation)
From Pisek, we will set out on a route to Hluboka chateaux, also called the Pearl of Southern Bohemia. After optional visit of the chateaux we will finish today’s route in Ceske Budejovice, a city of the famous brewery Budvar / Budweiser and a unique historical monument from 1825 - the first and biggest horse railroads in Europe, which once connected Austrian city of Linz and Ceske Budejovice. After a dinner with Budvar beer, we definitely recommend you to enjoy a romantic evening walk round the city center.

Day 6   České Budějovice - Český Krumlov : cycling 31 km / 19 miles  (terrain elevation)
Český Krumlov look We will say good-bye to Ceske Budejovice and will go through a beautiful landscape us to Cesky Krumlov - a last UNESCO place in the Bohemia. We will spend here unforgettable moments walking through historical lanes; we can visit the chateaux and its tower, a museum of medieval torture tools and many other interesting things.

Day 7   Český Krumlov - Horní Planá : cycling 35 km / 22 miles  (terrain elevation)
Another route will take us from Cesky Krumlov through the beautiful landscape of the National Park Sumava to a city of Horni Plana. We will spend here some relaxing moments in the largest town on the shore of the Lipno dam - urban listed preserve. UNESCO marked the protected landscape area of Sumava and the Bavarian Forest as a Biosphere Reserve. We can also visit some historical sights such as church of St. Margaret from 1374, Baroque parish, neo-baroque town hall from 1896, or birthplace of Adalbert Stifter - a local writer.

Day 8   Horní Planá - Passau : cycling 69 km / 43 miles  (terrain elevation) + (terrain elevation) + (terrain elevation)
Lipno lake We are leaving Horni Plana and are looking forward to the city of Passau - German city on the border with Austria called the city of three rivers. Its well-kept historical centre will fascinate us with its picturesqueness and baroque architecture. We will certainly be tempted by a visit of a Rathaus, St.-Stephans-Dom, church St. Paul, museum and many others. Or a visit the monastery Niedernburg with a tomb of Blessed Gisela?

Day 9   Passau - Deggendorf : cycling 58 km / 36 miles  (terrain elevation)
Today the first route that leads exclusively on the territory of Germany is ahead of us. We will ride from Passau upstream along the Danube river to Deggendorf, the town that is called the gate to the Bavarian Forest. The route is easy and thanks to it we will have enough time to visit also small towns and villages along this route. We definitely recommend towns Vilshofen, Winzer, Niederalteich and also other picturesque villages. Today we will finish in one of district towns of Lower Bavaria, Deggendorf, located at the confluence of the Danube and Isar rivers. We are looking forward to a good dinner and Passau Three Rivers sightseeing of many historical monuments in the town.

Day 10   Deggendorf - Landau : cycling 35 km / 22 miles  (terrain elevation)
The night spent in Deggendorf certainly gave us force to explore other attractive sites of Bavaria. We will leave the Danube valley and the beauties of the river and embark on a very famous Bavarian cycling route „Isar radweg / Isar bike route“ – along the Isar river, that will lead us till the destination of our journey to Munich. The river Isar starts in Karwendel in Tyrolean Alps and flows mainly through Bavaria. The valley of the Isar river, along which we will ride to Munich, was inhabited by Bavarians already in the 6th century and new settements were founded here by them. Today´s route is again easy and short so that we will again have enough time for monuments located along this route. Nevertheless today our route will finish in the oldest town of Lower Bavaria - Landau an der Isar, founded in 1224 and proud of its rich historical past. Deggendorf Asambasilika We will definitely visit here the market place and some picturesque romantic restaurant. We will stay overnight here.

Day 11   Landau - Landshut : cycling 52 km / 32 miles  (terrain elevation)
After an excellent breakfast we will bid farewell to Landau and continue again along the river Isar to Landshut, the capital of Lower Bavaria. We will ride through romantic valleys of the river Isar, often surrounded by forests and tree crowns, scenic Bavarian towns, historical villages with stylish pubs that will make our relaxed easy cycling more enjoyable. We will pass by Mamming, Dingolfing and other small towns and admire cascades of dams and dykes on the wonderfully clean river Isar. Our route will finish in Landshut, the capital of Lower Bavaria and one of its richest towns. For sure during our evening walk we will not forget to explore this historical town with Gothic architecture. Accommodation here.
Munchen Panorama
Day 12   Landshut - Freising : cycling 42 km / 26 miles  (terrain elevation)
Excited by the marvelous Landshut today we will embark on the next route to the episcopal town of Freising, town with the historical center Domberg, an ancient Bavarian brewery Weihenstephan and the Munich airport that is not far away from here. Today´s last but one route is more than 40 km long and as usual it runs through the valley of the river Isar and it leads predominantly through forests. We will definitely enjoy romantic nooks and rapids. We will ride through the protected landscape area „Bird Kingdom on Dams of Middle Isar“ and the historical town of Moosburg with St. Castulus monastery. We will leave behind us deep forests and arrive to Freising, our last stop on the way to Munich. Overnight stay here.

Day 13   Freising - Munich : cycling 38 km / 24 miles  (terrain elevation)
Slowly we say good-bye to Freising and our today´s route will take us to the destination city of our cycling trip – Munich, the capital of Bavaria. For the last time we will ride through the area along the river Isar, that in the past belonged to the Roman Empire. The whole area where our route leads is covered by forests, that we may enjoy together with clean rapids on the river Isar. The length of this easy route is nearly 40 km with the elevation difference of about 80 metres. And now already Munich often called Athens upon Isar welcomes us. We willl definitely spend more days in this city in order to visit some of a plethora of monuments, museums and cultural centers. And to make it even more attractive, come by bicycle to see the famous Munchen City CenterOctoberfest. The end of the cycling trip here and the overnight stay.

Day 14  Munich departure day
We have packed and are waiting for our VAN, which will take us from the hotel to the airport. We are looking forward to go home, yet inwardly we promise to come back at some stage in the future.

Munchen Octoberfest

Self-guided bicycle tour - service at price

Quantity of persons :  2 - 20

* one transfer Prague airport - hotel & Munich hotel - airport
* visit the most beautiful tourist and Unesco sites in the Czech Republic and Germany
* accommodation in selected 3*, 4*, 5* hotels or pensions
* all rooms with privat bad or shower and toilet
* 13 breakfasts
* reliable transportation of baggage
* quality bikes rental & bikes delivery (to Prague hotel & from Munich hotel)
* original package of cycling maps & town maps
* mile by mile Itinerary & graphs / terrain elevation & optional sightseeings recommendation
* GPS Garmin eTrex 20,30 with programmed routes
* Emergency service

Price per person - 3* hotels - shared double room
2 - 3  /  4 - 5  /  6 - 9 persons on the trip
EUR 2 519  /  EUR 2 419  /  EUR 2 229
EUR 420  /  single supplement

Price per person - 4* hotels - shared double room
2 - 3  /  4 - 5  /  6 - 9 persons on the trip
EUR 2 689  /  EUR 2 579  /  EUR 2 469
EUR 490  /  single supplement

Price per person - 5* hotels - shared double room
2 - 3  /  4 - 5  /  6 - 9 persons on the trip
EUR 2 969  /  EUR 2 849  /  EUR 2 729
EUR 640  /  single supplement

* for more then 10 persons in the group

* Reversed tour (Munich - Prague) / EUR 190 per the trip

* Special date - Octoberfest

On request
* the tour shortening or extension

Guided bicycle tour - service at price

Quantity of persons : 6 - 20

* visit the most beautiful tourist and Unesco sites in the Czech Republic and Germany
* accommodation in selected 3* hotels or pensions
* all rooms with privat bad or shower and toilet
* 13 breakfasts
* welcome dinner incl. welcome drink
* 3 group dinners
* farewell dinner
* VAN / CAR support with a reliable transportation of baggage
* professional licensed guide English speaking
* mile by mile Itinerary, graphs / terrain elevation, route instructions
* GPS Gaarmin eTrex 20,30 & original package of cycling maps & town maps (for the Guide only)
* daily briefings

Price per person - 3* hotels
EUR 2 429 / shared double room
EUR 420 / single supplement

* for more then 10 persons in the group

* quality bike rental & bikes delivery
(to Prague hotel & from Munich hotel) / EUR 200 per bike

* transfer Prague airport - hotel & Munich hotel - airport
(possible for each person separately)

* quality selected 4 stars or 5 stars hotels
(for the whole group only)

* half board (for the whole group only)

* Special date - Octoberfest

On request
* the tour shortening or extension (for the whole group only)

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