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Guided bike tour / Self-guided bike tour

12 days / 11 nights in 3* / 4* / 5* hotels or pensions

10 days cycling : 522 km / 325 miles cycling

Trip Rating:
2.2 out of 5.0

Routes :
marced cycle path
90% cycle routes with low motor traffic
90% blacktop cycle path

Self-guided bike tours start
daily from April 24 to September 11, 2023

(different departure dates on request)

Guided bike tour start
from April 24 to September 11, 2023 - on request only

Trip Begins / Ends :
Vienna airport / Krakow airport   or   Krakow airport / Vienna airport

Vienna - Krakow bike tours

Bike tour Description:

This unique cycling tour was tailor-made for cyclists from USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. It goes without saying that we can recommend this route not only to cyclists from overseas but also to those from Europe. Its romantic routes have been proposed and designed in order to visit and get to know the most important UNESCO world heritage sites and the most beautiful places along the whole route. The route goes through 3 central European states – Austria, Slovakia and Poland. We will visit 3 of the most famous UNESCO heritage sites - Vienna, Auschwitz concentration camp and Krakow and a lot of urban conservation areas with gorgeous historical centers and buildings. We may also visit another UNESCO world heritage site - Wieliczka Salt Mine close to Krakow.
In total, the program of this tour takes 12 days / 11 nights / 10 days of cycling and recommendation of free days so that everybody has enough time for sightseeing, relaxation or entertainment at his or her discretion and interest.
At request it is possible to shorten or extend this tour, or as the case may be to bridge some parts of the route providing the transfer in a van or a car. Self-Guided bike tours or Guided bike tours on demand are available.

Bike touring Daily program :

Day 1   Vienna arrival day
Vienna This day starts with the arrival to Vienna – the city of Strauss waltzes – and the transfer from the airport to the hotel and accommodation. Today we may dedicate our time to explore Vienna charming sites. We recommend to explore the historical center of the city protected by UNESCO and after the sightseeing to visit the recommended restaurant. We should not forget to order the classical Wiener schnitzel or world famous Sacher cake. And if we wish to have some fun and have enough time, we visit the biggest amusement park in Europe, famous Prater or take a boat ride on the Danube in order to see Vienna from the river. And in the evening we may visit Heurigen vineyards with original Austrian folklore.

Day 2   Vienna - Bratislava (Slovakia) : cycling 69 km / 43 miles  (terrain elevation)
This is the first day when we get on our bikes. The cycle rout will lead us along the Danube to the Slovak capital – Bratislava. Though this route may seem too long, it goes on a level ground downstream the river Danube, with no traffic except for transit through towns. We will use our free time and ride Bratislava City through the historical center of Bratislava. We recommend to visit the Bratislava Castle or the Devin Castle upon Danube and the visit of the city may be crowned by a typical Slovak dinner.

Day 3   Bratislava - Trnava : cycling 59 km / 37 miles  (terrain elevation)
Today we embark from Bratislava for a little bit more demanding route in the foothills of the Little Carpathian Mountains - Little Carpathians protected countryside area - to Trnava, the seventh biggest town in Slovakia, the capital of the Trnava Region. Trnava with its two universities is an important historical and cultural center of western Slovakia. After the arrival in the town we may visit a lot of historical sights and regional restaurants and pubs. And as the today´s route was somewhat more demanding we will relax in some of the restaurants or pubs and taste the regional Slovak cuisine.
Day 4   Trnava - Piešťany : cycling 40 km / 25 miles  (terrain elevation)
After a substantial breakfast we will set out for a relatively easy route along the Váh river and Slňava water reservoir to the famous Piešťany spa town. Piešťany is an international center for the treatment of rheumatic diseases and an important regional center of culture, sports and recreation. People use to come to Piešťany because of healing mineral springs - previously referred to as “miracle waters”. We recommend the sightseeing of the spa town center, the spa island, the entrance of which is dominated by a statue of a patient breaking his crutch. Today we will have enough time to order some spa procedure in one of spa houses and then enjoy a pleasant evening accompanied by a glass of good wine typical for this region.

Day 5   Piešťany - Trenčín : cycling 47 km / 29 miles  (terrain elevation)
Slowly we will leave Piešťany spa town and look forward to one of the oldest Slovak towns - Trenčín. Our today´s route will be very Piešťany Spa Island
easy again. In Trenčín we will certainly explore its well-tended historical center that will enchant us by its picturesqueness and quantity of sights. For sure the visit of Trenčín Castle is a big attraction. The Castle which is the third largest in Slovakia is located on an elevated rock and is visible from distant surroundings. In the evening we will enjoy the visit of a recommended restaurant and prepare for the next day when a little bit more demanding and longer route to Považská Bystrica will await us.

Day 6   Trenčín - Považská Bystrica : cycling 56 km / 35 miles  (terrain elevation) We say good-bye to Trenčín, sometimes also called the City of Fashion and embark on a journey to Považská Bystrica. This town was inhabited already in the Stone Age. Before arriving in the town, we will cycle 10 kilometers along a large Nosice water reservoir. And though today´s route was somewhat more demanding we cannot miss the sightseeing of ruins of Považský Castle from the 14th century. After a good dinner in a picturesque restaurant we will prepare for the tomorrow´s route to Žilina.
Trenčín City
Day 7   Považská Bystrica - Žilina : cycling 37 km / 23 miles  (terrain elevation)
We have had already several days of cycling and therefore we planned for today a little shorter relaxing route to Žilina, the fourth biggest town in Slovakia. Almost the entire route will lead upstream the Váh river and around another large water reservoir. Maybe we will arrive in Žilina already for the lunch and so we will have enough time to explore the historical center, some of beautiful churches, Žilina Museum of Art (Považska galéria) or Považie Museum. And tomorrow? It is about time to remember that the last route in Slovakia awaits us. The following day we will already head to Poland.

Day 8   Žilina - Čadca : cycling 34 km / 21 miles  (terrain elevation)
From Žilina we leave for north, towards the Polish border, for the town Čadca. The entire today´s romantic route goes through a valley surrounded by forests and hills that form part of Maple Mountains (Javorníky). Apart of Slovaks in Čadca and in the Povazska Bystrica bike route
surrounding region Gorals (highlanders) from Poland and Těšín region live. Tomorrow a longer and more demanding route awaits us and therefore we will have a good rest here. And as we will have enough free time, we may visit Kysuce Museum of National History. And after dinner we prepare for the tomorrow´s route that already finishes in Poland.

Day 9   Čadca - Bielsko Biala (Poland) : cycling 76 km / 47 miles  (terrain elevation)
Today will be more demanding, the route will be longer and with greater elevation. Soon we will arrive to the Polish border and most of the tour will already lead in Poland to the city of Bielsko-Biala, at the edge of Beskydy Mountains. This Polish city with many architectural monuments built in Art Nouveau style is referred to as „Little Vienna“. Though today we may feel a little bit tired, we strongly recommend to visit the historical center of the city and to have a dinner there. And today´s busy day we will end with a stroll through the evening city.

Day 10   Bielsko Biala - Auschwitz : cycling 41 km / 26 miles  (terrain elevation)
Žilina City We spent the first night in Poland and after a substantial breakfast we will prepare for the next route to the city of Auschwitz, where during World War II an extermination camp was located. As today´s route will be easy we will have enough time to visit and explore this infamous camp. Tomorrow, after visiting the concentration camp registered in the list of UNESCO monuments, you will travel to Krakow. We will relax and have dinner in the recommended restaurant and prepare for the tomorrow´s last route.

Day 11   Auschwitz - Krakow : cycling 70 km / 44 miles  (terrain elevation)
Today is our last day of cycling and therefore we will enjoy it for the last time and we will not rush. The route is relatively long with an average elevation and we will arrive in Krakow later in the afternoon. Krakow is a historical residence of Polish kings with the Wawel Castle and the Wawel Cathedral, the seat of an ancient university and archbishopric. You cannot pass over the historical UNESCO center of Krakow and you may dedicate to it all day, because there are many places worth discovering. For this reason, we recommend do add to this tour at least one free day. And for those, who want to see another beautiful monument, we can Bielsko Biala arrival recommend a facultative tour to nearby Wieliczka - salt mine.

Day 12   Krakow departure day
You have packed everything and wait for your Car, which will take you from the hotel to the airport. For sure you look forward to returning home, but you think to yourself that one day you will certainly return.

Auschwitz Camp Krakow Krakow sightseeings Wieliczka Slat Mine

Self-guided bicycle tour - service at price

Quantity of persons :  2 - 20

* one transfer Vienna airport - hotel & Krakow hotel - airport
* visit the most beautiful tourist and Unesco sites in Austria & Slovakia & Poland
* accommodation in selected 3* / 4* / 5* hotels or pensions
* all rooms with privat bad or shower and toilet
* 11 breakfasts
* reliable transportation of baggage
* quality bikes rental & bikes delivery (to Vienna hotel & from Krakow hotel)
* original package of cycling maps & town maps
* mile by mile Itinerary & graphs / terrain elevation & optional sightseeings recommendation
* GPS Garmin eTrex 20,30 with programmed routes
* Emergency service

Price per person - 3* hotels - shared double room
2 - 3  /  4 - 5  /  6 - 9 persons on the trip
EUR 2 299  /  EUR 2 199  /  EUR 2 099
EUR 370  /  single supplement

Price per person - 4* hotels - shared double room
2 - 3  /  4 - 5  /  6 - 9 persons on the trip
EUR 2 569  /  EUR 2 459  /  EUR 2 349
EUR 540  /  single supplement

Price per person - 5* hotels - shared double room
2 - 3  /  4 - 5  /  6 - 9 persons on the trip
EUR 2 779  /  EUR 2 659  /  EUR 2 539
EUR 590  /  single supplement

* for more then 10 persons in the group


* Reverse tour (Krakow - Vienna) / EUR 150 per the trip

On request

* the tour shortening or extension

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